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Alloys and Presses

Extruding alloys 6063, 6105, and 6463, Patrick Metals has an 1800-ton press (with 7" diameter billet) and 2200/2500-ton press (with 8" diameter billet). Patrick offers you a wide range of capabilities from very simple, lightweight shapes to the more complex solids and hollows.

Die Engineering Capabilities

Die engineering with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is not new at Patrick Metals. We use the CAD program AutoCAD Release 2000 to match the dimensions of your parts exactly. Whether you work with DXF or DWG files as part of your drafting packages, Patrick can generate prints directly from your files for our production personnel to physically measure your part against exact specifications. There are no inaccurate guesswork.

Anodizing Service

The most important thing you need to know about the anodizing process is Patrick's excellent business relationship with one of the leading anodizing companies in North America, located in Elkhart. Patrick chose this company due to the quality finish it produces time and time again. From clear sulfuric and two-step anodized color to vibrant Sandcolor colors, Patrick can meet the anodizing specifications of your project with technical excellence and unparalleled color reproduction.

Painting and Finishing

The 20-foot vertical electrostatic paint finishing system applies organic finishes. All metal is prepared for painting by undergoing a five-stage wash and pre-treatment process in which a non-chrome conversion coating is applied. This assures excellent properties and also affords good under-film corrosion resistance. Next, a high-solids polyester coating (70-80 percent solids) is applied using two six-inch diameter Ransburg discs rotating at speeds up to 30,000 RPM. Finally, the finish is cured in a conventional bake-oven. Good coverage is achieved in even the smallest extrusion cavities and the resulting surface finish is without equal.

Packaging and Shipping

Patrick closely examines and explores all your packaging and shipping needs. For your convenience, Patrick maintains complete facilities for packaging and shipping with a company delivery fleet, assuring you of prompt and safe delivery.